Thyristor Suppliers

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of thyristors in India. Thyristors are semi conducting devices consisting of P type and N type materials and a gate. This device can act as a switch when a small amount of current is passed through the gate. These thyristors conducts once it is triggered and can remain in the conducting state until the current is reversed or minimized. Thyristors are widely used for controlling alternating currents at places where high pressure and currents are involved. These thyristors are highly applicable for various electrical and automobile industries.

Our power thyristors are manufactured from high grade raw materials and is well known for its high performance and current rating. We offer these thyristors in different types such as Single Phase/Three Phase thyristors and Phase Angle firing type Thyristors. The single/Two Phase Units utilize 2 anti-parallel connected SCRs and the Three Phase Units utilize 6 anti-parallel connected SCRs. Our thyristors also known as silicon controlled rectifiers have high quality finish and have good resistance property. These power thyristors are widely used in UPS, inverters, battery chargers, lighting circuits, industrial furnaces etc. We offer these thyristors modules in different grades based on the requirements of our clients and are available in market leading prices.