Temperature Sensors Suppliers

We are one of the leading Manufacturers and suppliers of Temperature Sensors in India. Temperature sensors is a device used for measuring and recording temperatures and are available in two types namely contact temperature sensors and non contact temperature sensors. Contact temperature sensors measure the temperature of an object to which they are in contact with. These sensors are available in different types such as thermocouples Temperature sensors, Digital Temperature Sensors and Industrial Temperature Sensonrs, RTD sensors, resistance thermometers etc. Non contact temperature sensors works based on optical properties, these sensors may include IR sensors, line scanners, radiation thermometers etc.

Our range of temperature sensors includes thermocouples of different types, Bimetal Dial Thermometers and Thermo wells. These temperature measuring devices are made from high grade raw materials like stainless steel 316, 310 and many more. The Thermocouples offered by us are temperature sensors consisting of two different wires which can produce an output voltage based on the temperature difference.

Our temperature sensors are widely applicable in various chemical industries, power plants, pharmaceutical industries, etc. we offer these sensors in different sizes, shapes and grades based on the requirements of our clients. Customers can avail these temperature sensors for industrial leading prices.