Bakery Machineries

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of bakery machineries which is widely used for preparing various bakery products. Our bakery machines are produced from high quality metals like stainless steel and aluminium. Our range of bakery machineries includes gas fired bread baking ovens, electric bread backing ovens, pizza ovens, flour kneader, bread slicer and cake mixer. We also manufacture hot cases from stainless steel sheets and moulds/trays from aluminium sheets.

Our Baking ovens have quality steel construction; the doors of these ovens are hinged type with polished finish. Digital temperature controller is provided for heat regulations. The air distribution system is well maintained to achieve good backing, side and top opening is also provided. These baking ovens have large baking capacity and can produce 30 to 3000 loaves per batch. The bread moulds offered by us have the capacity of 300-400gms.

    The bread slicer offered by us can cut loafs quickly and efficiently. This machine consists of motor and special steel blades. The blades have the slicing capacity of one and two loaves of 9 and 16 inches. Our bread slicer machines are noiseless and require less maintenance. Our range of flour kneader has huge mixing capacities from 5 kgs to 80 kgs. These machines can mix flour uniformly in short time. These bakery machines have C.I wheels at the bottom for easy maintaining. Single, double and three decks are available in these bakery machines.