Maxheat furnaces is engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of thermocouples in India. Thermocouples are devices used for measuring and controlling temperatures. This device consisting of two different metal wires can generate voltage due to the temperature gradient at the ends of these wires. These thermocouples are also known as industrial thermometers can measure high temperatures upto the range of 2000 degree centigrade.

Our range of thermocouples are manufactured using high quality metals like iron, copper, tungsten and many more conducting metals. We offer different types of thermocouples such as J Type ( Fe-K), K Type ( Cr – Al), S or R Type ( Pt/Ptrh), ‘L’ Shape Thermocouple, Molten Aluminium Thermocouple, banbury thermocouple, exhaust gas thermocouple, Mineral Insulated Thermocouple, Play & Jack Type Thermocouple, Acid and Alkali Thermocouples. These temperature sensors can be used for medium and high temperature applications.

The thermocouples offered by us has high tolerance level and provides accurate temperature readings. These sensors have different calibrations, color codes, different diameters like 6mm, 8mm, etc based on the temperature range. Our range of thermocouples are widely applicable for steel and iron industries, glass industries, ceramic industries, electric furnaces, etc. we offer these thermocouples in different specifications based on our customers requirements and in leading prices.

Features of our Thermocouples: 

  • Accurate temperature reading. 
  • Made from different conducting metals. 
  • Can be used for high temperature applications. 
  • Corrosion resistance. 
  • Available in different diameters. 
  • High tolerance levels

Applications of Thermocouples

For Sensing Temperatures on various atmospheric / control atmospheric zones.

  • J Type ( Fe-K) : For use in Ovens, Driers, Boilers and low temperature Applications Upto temp. 400º C. outer sheath will be Stainless Steell, with Cast head or spring with threaded Nipple.
  • K Type ( Cr – Al): For use in furnaces, or other Heat Treatment Equipments upt Temp. 1100º C. outersheath will be of AISI 310 quality material will be of AISI 310 quality material/Inconnel material with cast Head.
  • S or R Type ( Pt/Ptrh): For use in High Temperature Applications Temperature Range from 1200º C 1500º C. outersheath will be High Alumina Ceramic tube provided with element configaration platinum Rhodium duel, with Cast Head, S.S. Collar etc.,
  • ‘L’ Shape Thermocouples: For Salt Bath, Temperature upto 1000º C, S.S./Inconnel Outersheath/Ceramic Outhersheath.
  • Molten AluminiumThermocouples: Meltal Sheath, Straight type or ‘L’ Sahpe, heat and abrasion resistance type.
  • BANBURY THERMOCOUPLES : Special type Thermocouple for sensing rubber compound mixturing.
  • EXHAUST GAS THERMOCOUPLES: For use in exhaust of Carbureted engines.
  • Mineral Insulated Thermocouples: Elements surrounded by magnesium oxide and outer sheath will be of heat resistant type S.S. 316/Inconnel 600 Available in metal long lengths, and this can be twisted or bend at any point.
  • Play & Jack Type Thermocouples: Used in Reactors, Storage Tanks & Catalyst Belt.
  • RTD Sensors (PT-100): M.I. Convensional RTDs 2, or 3 wire elements, more useful in low Temperature with high accuracy used in food dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical process, air and gas temperature, duct and dies temperature.
  • Acid & Alkali Thermocouples: Teflon/Teflon Coated with S.S. 316 Sheath/ Titanium Sheath upto Temp. - 200º C, 6mm and 8mm Diameters upto 1000mm Long, with PVC Head.

Also avaliable, Bimetal Dial Thermometers, Thermowells, and Protection Tubes, Thermistors, RTD Thermocouple connectors, (Omega type), Compensating Cable, (PVC, Metal braided, Teflon coated and Asbestos Covered).