Leading Suppliers of Temperature Recorders India

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of temperature recorders in India. Temperature recorders are devices used for recording the actual heat generated in different processes. We manufacture these recorders using high grade raw materials and design them with efficient features. Our Temperature recorders are highly reliable as the rugged bimetal helix is properly heated and coated with viscous silicon to improve temperature transmission and minimize pointer oscillation.

Our temperature recorders are compact and well equipped with digital displays & alarm system for accurate measurement and reading. Designed in compliance with international quality standards our temperature recorders are widely appreciated for its ability to efficiently function in complex temperature conditions. Renowned for preciseness and durability it is extensively used in several industries


  • Digital Temperature Controllers: On-Off type Digital Temperature Controller with Relay/SSR/ 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 V output, LED Display, Accur acy 0.5% and 1º C of Full scale. Variable Hysteris 1º C to 10º C, Power supply – 110 V & 230 V A.C. supply, Sizes Available: 96 x 96 sq.mm, 72 x 72 s. Mm, 48 x 48 sq. mm. Input – J, K, PT-100,RTDs, S & R type Sensors Temperature upto 1600ºC.
  • Blind Controllers: On-ff Indication type Controller without display, with Relay/SSR/ 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 V output, Power supply - 110 V & 230 v, Sizes Available – 96 x 96 sq. mm, 72 x 72 sq. mm and 48 x 48 sq. mm. Input – J, K, PT-100 RTDs, S& R type Sensors Temperature upto 1600º C.
  • Proportional Controllers: On-Off type Proportional Controllers to achieve Control Accuracy ± 1º C. with output SSR/Relay Contact/Thyristors, InputSensors – PT-100, J,K,S and Rtype Thermocouple Available Sizes 96 x 96 sq. mm. And 48 x 48 sq. mm.
  • Temperature Recorders: Circular Chart/Strip Chart Recorders, Avaliable single Pen/2 Pen type, 6 Point with predifined thermocouples J, K, R, S, T/DC mA/DC mV/RTD, Response Time: 1 Sec.Power Supply – 110 V/230 V A.c. suitable for Temperature upto 1200º C, with or without Indication, M.s. Enclosure with Powder oating finish.
  • Imported PID/Program Controllers: Available Imported Toho-Japan make, Honeywell, Autonics, Eurotherm and Fuji make PID/PROGRAMME, Controllers for heating/cooling application, Self/auto tunning, Universal Input, Outputs: relay contact/ SSR/4 – 20 mA etc., Sizes Avialable 96 x 96 sq. mm, and 48 x 48 sq. mm.
  • Microprocessor Based Programme Controllers: Toho-Japan/Honeywell/fuji/Eurotherm make easy-to-use Program Controller, niversal inputs, capable of programmeing 8 segments x number of steps, equipped with communcation functions, outputs: SSR/relay Contact/r-20 mA etc., Sizes avaliable – 96 x 96 sq. mm. And 48 x 48 sq. mm.
  • Time Temperature Controller: Digital Temperature Controller in-built with Timer and Buzer, Hours/Minutes/Sec Setting, Temperature upto 1200º C, PT-100, J(Fe/K)and K ( Cr/Al) type. Available Size – 96 x 96 mm.
  • Two Set Point/Star-Delta Temperature Controllers: Two Set point Temperature Controllers are commonly used as energy savers. For initial fast heating up with 1st – set point with higher rated heating colis or burners and the maintaining the Temperature with 2nd set point. Accuracy ± 1º C of full span. Input: thermocouples/RTDs upto Temperature - 1600º C Sizes Available : 96 x 96 sq. mm. 72 x 72 sq. mm.
  • Portable Digital Temperature Indicator: Temperature measuring Unit consisting Temperature indicator with leaf proof type sensor with 3½ Digit LCD Display, For measuring Temperature of various process accuracy, one is DTCs, moulds, Plastic extenders, molten metals, chemicals, liquids etc., Power Supply 9 V D.C. Battery. Temperature upto 1200º C.
  • Digital Temperature Indicators: Sizes Available 96 x 96 sq. mm. 72 x 72 sq. mm. And 48 x 48 sq. mm. To connect with J, K, PT-100, RTDS, S & R type Sensor Temperature upto 1500º C.
  • Thermostrats Control: Available EGO/JUMO make Thermostrat upto 350º D and 400º C, Capillary type, with necessary Stem.
  • Imported Wireless Temperature Indicator: Available Portable, wireless, Hand held Infra red thermometers, Temperature upto 1000º C.
  • Paperless Recorder/ Controller : Offers the ultimate in graphical recording or combined with PID control with 50MB Memory, with 4 inputs ( TC, RTD, mA, mV, V).