We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an exclusive range of industrial heaters widely used for various heating applications. We produce these industrial heaters from high quality materials like stainless steel, iron, brass, etc and based on the customer’s requirements. Our range of industrial heaters includes Coil Type Heaters, Chemical Heaters, Immersion Heaters, Corrugation Machine Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Alkaline Immersion Heaters, Drum Heaters, Infrared Heaters etc. These industrial heaters are available in different sizes, shapes and are easy to install. The metals used for manufacturing these industrial heaters does not oxidize hence we ensure quality products. 

Our offered cartridge heaters are made from 304 grade stainless steel used for blocks, dies, platens and various garment finishing machines. These heaters are well known for its high dielectric strength and heating capacity. Immersion Heaters are available in horizontal and vertical types made from stainless steel ideal for industrial tanks. Our industrial heaters reduce the amount of power consumption due to its quick heating capacity. These heaters offered by us are easy to maintain and reduces operation cost. We supply these industrial heaters in different grades and in market leading prices.

Applications of Industrial Heaters

All Industrial Heating Applications.

  • Coil Type Heaters: Resistance type coils made out of Kanthal D, A1, AF & Nichrome, wires for Ovens, Driers and heat Treatment Furnaces upto Temp. 1150º C.
  • Strip Elements: Kanthal and Nichrome Stip Elements available for Furnaces, Any size for Customer’s specific requirements upto Temp. 1200º C.
  • Silicon Carbide Elements: Spirial type, single end & Double end type for High Temperature Furnace upto Temperature 1500º C.
  • Air Heaters: ‘U’ – shape, ‘M’ – shape straight, Finned and Flanged type Tubular Heaters, Incolloy or S.S. 304 Sheath, adjustable type bracles and locking screw for Tray Dryers, Ovens, foundries and Textile Machineries.
  • Chemical Heaters: for Degreasing, Phosphating, Nickel & Chrome Plating, Blaackening, Wave soldering, PCB Manufacturing etc., sheat – S.S. 304, S.S. 316 Incoloy, Titanium, Silica Based.
  • Immerssion Heaters: For Hot water Tanks, Jackets, steam Generators, Garment finishing Machines, and oil Tanks, Sheath : Stainless Steel 304 quality, S.S. 316, & Incolloy.
  • Corrugetion Machine Heaters: Sheath – S.S. 304, diameter 11.0mm, 10/11/12 K.W. No. of Elements 6 & 9.
  • Garment Finishing Heaters: Sheath – S.S. 304, Copper & A1 Cast, Length 12”, 11”, 14½” and 24” U, 2” BSP.
  • Plate Haters: Sheath – S.S. 304 or G.I. 195 mm w 450mm L, 550 mm L and 1000mm L, 1 K.w. 1.5 K.w. and 2.2. K.W. for Garment Finishing machines.
  • Catridge Heaters: S.S. 304 outersheath, Nickel – chrominium Resistance wires, Silicon fibre glass insulated lead wires magnesium oxide insulation.
  • Band Heaters: S.S. Terminal box, Mica Band/Ceramic Band Nickel/Chromium Reisistance Wires, flexible for easy installation, suitable for heating Cylinders on all types of Plastic Processing Machinery etc.,
  • Kettle Elements: Made out of Copper tube Nickel plated with automatic ejection device, suitable for Heating water, for instrument sterilising, electric kettles and distilled Water Plants.
  • Alkaline Immerssion Heaters: Made out ofChrome Nickel Steel Tube, for mounting on side of vessels, fitted with junction box, suitable for alkeline, solutions upto 90º C.
  • Drum Heaters: Made out of S.S. 304 outer body, Rating 6 K.w. Split joined with hinges and bottom with 3 castors for movement. This heater is very useful for rapid heating of drum with temperature Control System.
  • Infrared Heaters: Ceramc Infrared elements for achieving high rates of heat transfer and rapid heat transmission at the speed of light from source to object. No process of combustion and there will be a clean environment.
  • Silica Heaters: Silica cased Immersion Heaters have many application in industry for heating corrossive liquids such as electroplating liquids and scale removing baths. Silica Heaters are absolutely safe in operation and excellent electrical insulation.
  • Heater Cabinet.
  • Tubular Heaters:
  • Room Heaters:
  • Geyser Elements:
  • Dipping Elements:
  • Midget Elements:
  • Strip Heaters
  • Blanket Heaters