Maxheat furnaces is one of the leading Industrial Furnace Manufacturers in India. Industrial Furnace is an apparatus used for heating metals and various materials under high temperature for the reactions to take place. Flames are produced by the fuel sent into the burner of industrial furnace with the help of an air blower, these flames heats the coils and thus the fluid inside the furnace is heated due to combustion. Our range of industrial furnaces is manufactured from high grade raw materials and is well known for its sturdy construction.

We produce these industrial furnaces based on different parameters like heating function and fuel type. The construction process of our industrial melting furnace is managed by our professionals with the help of latest technologies. These furnaces are used in various chemical and metal industries which are applicable for pre heating, Tempering, Hardening, Mar Tempering, gold melting, gold fusing etc.

We offer different types of industrial furnaces such as Pit type Vacuum Furnaces, Chamber Type Muffle Furnace, Tubular Furnaces, Twin Chamber Furnaces, Split type Furnaces, pot type furnaces etc. The industrial furnaces offered by us consists of thicker gauge made from M.S. sheets and plates. The temperature control of our industrial furnaces are managed with the help of PID controllers. High insulation packing is provided for our furnace, based on different temperatures.

Our pit and Crucible type industrial furnaces also known as melting furnaces are widely used for melting aluminum, zinc and lead. Cylindrical and tubular industrial furnaces can be used as laboratory furnaces. Box type Chamber Furnaces for Tiles Printing. These industrial furnaces is coated with aluminum paints with high heat resistance property and can work upto the temperature of 1500 degree Celsius. Our industrial heating furnaces are well appreciated for its properties like strong construction, longer life, high heating capacity, resistive coating etc. We supply these industrial furnaces at market leading prices and based on the specifications of our clients.
Applications of Industrial Furnace
All Heat Treatment Applications such as Pre-Heating, Tempering, Hardening, Mar Tempering Stress Relieving, Annealing, Normalising, Pack Carburising, Gas Carburising, Gas Nitriding, Bright Annealing, Vacuum Annealing, Sintering Tiles Printing, Non-Ferrous Melting, Gold Melting, Soldering, Glass fusing, Stove Enamelling, and High Temperature Applications upto 1500º C.


  • Chamber Type Muffle Furnace,
  • Air Circulating Tempering Furnace – ( Cylindrical/ Box Type ),
  • Pit Type Furnace for Annealing/Hardening/Tempering & Normalising,
  • Pit Type Cylindrical Furnace for Wire Annealing,
  • Pit Type Furnace for Gas Carburising/Nitriding.
  • Conveyor Type Bright Annealing Furnaces,
  • with Ammonia Cracker Unit.
  • Bogie Hearth Furnace for Stress Relieving,
  • Normalizing and Foundry Application.
  • Pit type Vacuum Furnaces.
  • Neutral Electrode Salt Bath Furnaces.
  • Cyanide Salt Bath Furnaces.
  • Resistance type Cylindrical Salt Bath Furnaces.
  • Tubular Furnaces – Vertical or Horizontal type.
  • Chain Conveyor type Furnaces.
  • Twin Chamber Furnaces.
  • Split type Furnaces.
  • Melting Furnaces for Aluminium,Zinc, Lead ( Pot/Cruicible type ).
  • Gold Melting Furnaces – Cruicible Type.
  • Laboratory Furnaces – Box type/Cylindrical/Tubular type.
  • Multi Zone Tunnel Kilns. Globar Furnaces / High Temperature Furnaces upto Temp.
  • 1500º C. Rotary Furnaces.
  • Box Type Chamber Furnaces for Tiles Printing.

Rigid and sturdy construction out of thicker guage M.S. Sheets/Plates and Angle reinforcements to avoid stress or strain during operation. Sophisticated insulation packing with Hysil Blocks, Ceramic Pads, Ceramic Boards, Ceramic Fibre, Special type Insulation Bricks and Hot Face Kynite Bricks etc., depend upon the temperature requirement. Heating of the Industrial Furnaces will be effected by means of Imported quality Kanthal A1/Nichrome/Kanthal AF wire in coil form/ Silicon Carbide Heating Rods. Best temperature control system with on-off PID/Program Controllers/Recorders/Timers etc., to suit the appliaction. Air Circulation System, Trolley with Railing Arrangement, Retort, Stainless Steel Baffle etc., can be provided as per specific requirement. Industrial Furnace will be finished in Heat Resistant Aluminium Paint whereas Control Panel will have attractive colour powdercoat finish.